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  • Where are you located?
    As a luxury private scuba diving provider Scuba Diving in Cabo does not have a store front. We bring our services to you along the Los Cabos corridor of Baja California Sur Mexico. Our meeting point depends on where you are staying and where we will go diving.
  • What size of group will you accept?
    We can accomodate safely and comfortably up to 8 divers or non-divers.
  • Are you exclusively for certified divers?
    No, even if you have never had a dive before we can safely train you to have ana amizing underwater experienec as you will have a dedicted instructor all to yourself.
  • Can my family or friends come along?
    Absolutley! They can stay at the beach, practice snorkeling or come along on the boat. However, be aware they may have to deal with choppy water depending on the conditions.
  • Do you provide services for private boat owners?
    Yes! We offer guided diving services for private yacht owners and VIPs not only at our main three dive locations but also at Loreto Islands and La Paz, practicing the utmost in confidentiality and discretion.
  • What is the best time of year to dive in Cabo?
    The Sea of Cortez is abundant with SeaLife all year round. Be aware winter time water can be below 70F
  • Do you offer any pre-dive coaching?
    We provide lessons for beginners and refresher courses. This can be provided in shallow sea water or at the pool in your resort, we come to you!
  • Do your provide all the equipment?
    Yes, we provide all the equipment needed for scuba diving as well as full snorkeling gear. Nonetheless, if you are a certified diver already, we urge you to have the following items as part of their personal equipment: A dive Computer A dive whistle A surface marker buoy Dive Insurance DAN or equivalent
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