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cabo pulmo

Diving Cabo Pulmo

Within 20 years of protection,  Cabo Pulmo's coral and sea life has increased by 460%. It has now reached a level similar to very remote pristine coral reefs that have never been fished before. This has led to it now proudly being the marine area with the highest concentration of fish in the Gulf of California. Cabo Pulmo is one of few National Marine Parks in the world and is now internationally recognized as a role model of marine conservation and local community participation.


The reef features the wealthiest coral in the Gulf of California resulting in an incomparable amount of sea life. The protection and recovery of the marine community for the reef has allowed the return of migratory species like whale sharks, Pacific manta rays, humpback whales, bull sharks, and sea turtles. Five of the world’s seven species of sea turtle nest here, including the Hawksbill and Leatherback, both of which are in danger of extinction.


Species of shark such as tiger sharks, bull sharks, and blacktip reef sharks have increased significantly in sightings. Scientists continue to find evidence that such top predators keep coral reefs healthy. This is a great dive site to spot these amazing creatures,  they migrate to follow the source of food but if it is plentiful they will remain in a certain area. Due to the increase in biodiversity, bull sharks are now becoming an easy win for budding underwater photographers.


The protection of the marine park was not only designed to stop fishing and dumping garbage but also from humans and the mass traffic of tourism that can negatively affect the reef's health. We strive to care for our seas and adopt sustainable measures to ensure its longevity. The exclusive nature of how we dive ensures safety and comfort. We provide the feeling that these underwater magical scenes are only for you. Can you imagine diving here on your next dive adventure?



Book now and look forward to some great encounters. 


"My husband and I dove with Adriana last week for 2 -2 tank boat dives and one shore dive. She is very nice, does everything for you (even if you try to help!) as she feels this is her time to spoil you! We went to Cabo Pulmo marine park and the wreck and fish were amazing. Adriana is such a warm, special person you can't help but be instantly comfortable with her and know she will take good care of you both above and below the water" - Robin 

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