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It's not like Diving with a Dive shop

experience scuba diving on your own terms 

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We work to clearly understand your specific interests and create a customized dive plan tailored to exceed your expectations in safety, privacy and discretion while offering your own fully equipped private dive boat for yourself or group, complete with personal instruction and fully guided tours.


The entire focus of the dive are your individual needs, there are numerous situations that can interfere with or shorten your dives, It may be that you are  seeking an out-of-the-ordinary, personalized and custom undersea adventure, or you are a passionate, expert underwater photographer focused on capturing breathtaking images under the Sea of Cortez. Perhaps you are a completely inexperienced diver looking for maximum personal attention to avoid being in a rush, uncomfortable or intimidated by other divers more advanced in the group. 

Book now and let us know how we can help you get the diving experience you are looking for!


"Our family went scuba diving with Adriana. She helped my boyfriend (now fiancé) propose by making up and underwater card. It was such a special experience and she was so amazing at teaching us and being very supportive! We will definitely call her again the next time we are in Cabo!" - Mar 

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