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cabo san lucas

Diving Cabo San Lucas 

Our dives are timed to maximize your safety. We are the first boat in the dive area arriving at a peaceful bay avoiding any tourist traffic or large numbers of divers who can disturb the natural sediment at the bottom of the ocean, causing visibility and environmental issues. You can enjoy taking pictures of sea life which are calm and in a more environmentally healthy state.

Just a brief 10 min ride from the marina lies the magnificent Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. Here, the waters are clear and calm and full of marine life. Large schools of tropical fish, sharks, and playful sea lions. One of the main attractions here are the large schools of migrating Mobula Rays. Tens of thousands show up every spring and autumn when the water begins to change temperatures. They can often be seen jumping out of the water doing acrobatics which is truly a spectacle. Turtles, eels, groupers, tornados of sardines, frogfish, nudibranchs and many more await you at this underwater paradise.


Dive the Sand falls which are a unique underwater phenomenon 

Dive in schools of Moorish idols and much more

Dive the "La Anegada" better known as "The Pelican Rock"

Dive the incredible German wreck “The Nuremberg” and much more. 

The Nuremberg


A German vessel sunk on the 8th of February 1954, this wreck was hidden to our eyes under 10 to 30 ft of sand, after  Hurricane Odile (Sept. 2014), due to its powerful currents, it was revealed to us and give birth to a new artificial reef.


Day by day the current, ocean swells and natural movement of the earth, provoke changes to the scenery. New sunken areas of the vessel are revealed and other parts are covered up again. This all contributes to the large and diverse marine lie that plays around this wreck. 

Book now and let's plan your luxury dive adventure of a lifetime!


"I've been diving for over 20 years with many different dive shops around the world;
My experience with “Scuba Diving in Cabo” was outstanding and one of my best ever. This is due to the professionalism and knowledge of the Divemaster Adriana. We had several new divers in our group who had never dived in the ocean before so we wanted to do a test dive with them in order for them to build confidence She met us at the beach and provided a very thorough briefing that prepared everyone...”


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