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"The Sea of Cortez is the worlds aquarium"

Jacques Cousteau


Los Cabo is a divers paradise nestled in the heart of Southern California’s backyard. It is a jewel, a place famously baptized by the god father of scuba diving Jaques Custou as the worlds aquarium. The diving here is truly exquisite and many of the dive sites can be accessed year round. Situated where the pacific ocean meets the Sea of Cortez a magical scene errupts beneath the surafce resulting in one of the world’s top scuba diving locations.


Sharks, rays, sea lions, shoals of fish, whales turtles and the list of marine biodiversity goes on and on. For the last couple of decades the bay area of Cabo San lucas has been a protected underwater marine park. This has allowed the underwater life to flourish.


There are three main areas we freqent for diving; Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Pulmo and Espiritu Santo Island. Each offer a wide variety of dive sites  catering to complete newbies up to the seasoned proffessional. More details are available below.


Book now and let us know how we can cater an underwater adventure suited to your needs. 



A wide variety of marine life from schools of tropical fish, sea lions, the famous Sand Falls and 

The Nuremberg Wreck



The reef features the wealthiest coral in the Gulf of California, since 1995 Cabo Pulmo's sea life has increased to the point as to be considered as a pristine reef



This uninhabited island offers a colony of over 400 sea lions, 3 wrecks, giant mantas, snorkeling with whale sharks and more.

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