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All experience levels are welcome !

We believe a calm dive is a safe dive, we like to take the necessary time to make sure you refresh your skills, gain your confidence back, as if you are a pro diver, you will experience a dive of a life time!.

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All experience levels are welcome!

  • Are you a certified diver who's had a long period out of the water and nervous about diving again?

  • Have you experienced claustrophobia underwater before and you want to try it again?

  • Are you heavy on air and don't like being in big groups?

  • Perhaps an experienced photographer who wants to capture the perfect shot?

  • Do you want personalized attention to your wife with non or little diving experience?

  • You recently got certified and you want a divemaster to make sure you are safe?

  • Do you have equalization problems?

  • Not much experience diving?

We can take the time to ensure you have a satisfactory diving experience

Book now and let us know how we can help you get the diving experience you are looking for!


Gain skills and confidence and the love of scuba

"It is good to have someone one-on-one that helps you perfect your technique in scuba and progressively challenges you to improve. They do this with safety and caring in mind. Adriana provides you with not only one-on-one for guiding and seeing the best that there is under the water, but helping you get  better - she did that with my wife and I. We had both been recently certified - open and advance open water - but in three days I gained more confidence and knowledge about the sport, my gear, and enjoyed the experience. Because of this, scuba has become a sport that I fell back in love with."  Doctort

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